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Life Sciences Building Rm. 536

McMaster University

Telephone: (905) 525-9140 Ex. 24573




Life Sciences Building Rm. 521

McMaster University

Telephone: (905) 525-9140 Ex. 27995

Elizabeth Weretilnyk

Elizabeth Weretilnyk received her PhD in Plant Biochemistry from the University of Alberta, then completed a postdoctoral study on plant tolerance to osmotic stress under the supervision of Dr. Andrew Hanson at the DOE-PRL, Michigan State University. She then worked as a Research Associate with Dr. Jas Singh in Ottawa at Agriculture and AgriFood Canada before joining the Department of Biology at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, where she is currently a Professor.

Dr. Weretilnyk’s research examines how plants cope with abiotic stress, particularly stresses associated with drought, salinity, and nutrient deficiencies.  She uses physiology, biochemistry, and genomics (metabolite and transcriptome profiling) approaches in her work on the extremophile crucifer, Eutrema salsugineum.

Lab Members

Dr. Peter Summers - Research Manager
Dr. Solmaz Irani - Postdoctoral Fellow
Caitlin Simopoulos - Ph.D program
Jennifer Tropiano - M.Sc. program
Si Jing (Lucy) Zhang - M.Sc. program


Fall 2018:
MOL BIOL 4BB3: Plant Metabolism & Molecular Biology
Winter 2019:
BIOL 3B03: Plant Physiology
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